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The smartest way to build your web sites with database

TreeBase Generator

The pioneer way to implement databases to the Internet!
Developed for partners who publish or sale databases worldwide!

With TreeBase Generator you will receive a MS Windows based application. It was tested on Win 98, ME and 2000. TreeBase Generator will create a new database for you and will also generate a complete web site for the visitors and for the users of the database.
Visitors can perform various searches in the database. Formatting Interface allows you to define the design of your search and the result sites. You can
download many pre-designed skins from our homepage. The program will generate HTML Sites and PHP Scripts and will install them to your web server. If you have inadequate web space, we offer hosting for a very reasonable price. In that case you can place your sites at the same place.

  • You donít need to learn programming steps or programming languages.
  • You donít need to have web development skills.
  • You can implement the database into your existing sites.
  • The data and system messages can be displayed in many different languages!

What can you do with TreeBase Generator?

Database Type

What type of Database can you create with TBG

Normal Mode

The system create a database where the visitor can only search true the database, but not add or modify content of it. Itís similar to search engines, where the visitor enter the key in a Search form and get results.

Join Mode

The TBG create a database where any visitor can add, modify or delete his own record to the database. The visitor of the site clicks on ďadd recordĒ link in Menu bar and can add his data in a form and save it. Also he can modify or delete his own record any time. For examples Photogaleries, Collections etc.

Login Mode

The system create a database where visitor are able search it true only after entering a identification like ID and password. Such databases are for clubs with members or for selling of the place in the database, for example Reality, used cars etc., where the customer pay for entry in the database.

You can use TreeBase Generator to publish your own data to the Internet or you can create and sale database structures to other companies or institutions.

TreeBase Generator will create the database structure, search sites, result sites, administrator sites and will install all generated files (excluding the data sets Ė records) into your server. Look at some examples here.

Data can be entered online by the database administrator or it can be exported from your local disk. Read FAQ for more details.

What you need :

  • Windows Operating System 98 or higher
  • Web Space on a Unix or Linux Server with MySQL

Thatís all !