We have many skins ready to download for you. Whatís mean with skin ? We are using CSS file (Cascading Style Sheets) to controll, how should your Site generated with TreeBase Generator appears on the web. The CSS File define i.E. Background Color, Background Image, Fonts Type, Colors, Size, Outlook of Tables, Position on the site and much more.
You donít need to have knowledge about structure of CSS files, you can simply choose our predefined CSS files below and download it to your disk. To install or change design of your sites you need only select the css file in TreeBase Generator (Settings Appearance) and upload your sites to the server (with one click !) Depend on your connection speed the new design change after 1 to 3 minutes. Your Dataset will be not changed. If you donít like the design, download simple one other from this Site.

If you are familiar with CSS, you can create your own design very easy. Download some CSS File from this site to your disk, open it with some ASCII Editor and modify what you want. Save it then as ai.E. mydesign.css. In TreeBase Generator go to settings / appearance and select this file. The you need save TBG, generate the sites and upload files to your server. Done !


Many thanks for your help with translation.
We will integrate your translation as downloadible File for free in short time.