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Here are all Features of TreeBase Generator listed:

Creating of new Database

Define Fields ofline. The system will connect the server and create a empty database for you. Then you can enter data in your Database online

Import / Export of Database

Import : You can download all Data to your local disk as csv or txt File as backup or for modification with few mouse clicks. You can modify data in Excel, Access or other DB Programs.

Export : With this implemented function you can export database (records) to your Database created with TreeBase Generator. You don’t need enter each new record online. This is excellent features for existent databases or for database with many records..

Database Backup

Backup of the database with all records on local disk

Field Definition

Real Number
Date & Time
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Select of Imput Type

Check Box
Text Area
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Setting of order of data fields

With this option you can define, which Field will appears on web as first, second and so on. You can change it in seconds !

Setting of Key

For Indexing of your Data.

Field Visible in Result

Fields marked as visible are visible in Search Result site. For example you have Record with 16 fields. This is to much to be displayed in rows in search mode. So you can make only main fields visible. On click on the record number the user can see all fields in the selected record.

Searchible Fields

You can define, which fields should be in Pull down menu in Search Form.

Hidden Fields

Hidden Fields can see only administrator (Password protected. So the Administrator can make additional information in record but for visitors are this fields not visible.

Uploading of Images from local disk

Visitors, they want add a record to the database can uploads images to Database like Product Pictures, Banners etc. Only JPG and GIF Format are accepted.

Setting of Image Size

With Size can you define the size of the Tumbnile Image. With click on it the image will be shown in original size.

Showing Image in original size

Click on the tumbnile.

Definition of number of Lines on Site

With the number you can define how much lines should appears in result after searching. For example there are 120 records found and you define 12 lines per site, 10 sites are generated. Visitors use the next or previous button to move between sites.

Selecting Language for system messages

With selecting Language system messages like “No Record Found, Next, Add Records” etc. will be displayed in selected language automatically.


If you are looking for CITIBANK and want see only branches in USA, then set the filter “country” to USA. Only US Branches appears.


Order the search result.

Update Record by visitor

Visitors can add, modify or delete his own record. Password protected.

Setting of Design

With choosing CSS Files  you define design of the search site. Colors, Fonts, Table boarders, position, alignment etc. You can change design of the site without losing Data in minutes.

Publishing of the Database

With Publishing means that the system will connect the server, MySQL Database and will automatically send all generated sites, tables etc. to the right place on your server. This need depending on your access speed and number of fields in database between 1 and 5 minutes.

Administrator management

Administrator can after entering Password add, modify or delete records online. Administrator don’t need TreeBase Generator. You can create a Database for him and allow him manage the database records but not the database structure.

E-Mail Manager

You can define Text, which will automatically sent to users which added, modified or deleted their record.

Uploading of Logo

You can simple upload a Logo to the search / Result site.

Customizing of Final search Site


Connection to TreeBase Homepage

You can access our Web site directly from TreeBase Generator.

Help File

Use the Help File for more explanations.

Hit Counter

You can define, if you want have a Hit Counter on the site or not.Also define the design of the counter.