When you downloaded Trial Version of the TreeBase Generator
and want to test, you can use our demo account for free.





Press Create New Database Button



Enter a Database Name

myfirstdb, members, flowers


Add some Database fields:

Use the Button for adding a field to the database.

For example Members Name as Text, Age as Integer and Member since - as date type..


Set field properties

Please set correctly Field Type to avoid errors in the generated script. See Users Manual of TreeBase Generator - How to set Field Types. This is very important!








Check Visible in result on, if you want see data of this field after search procedure. When you let the check box empty, the field will be not shown on the first page, but appears after clicking the Nr. of the Record.

If the Hidden check box is marked, the data of this field will be not shown at all.Only Administrator can see it after Password entry. Use it with billing databases or similar.


Set also fields:

Age as Integer and Member since as Date.


 Settings. Use the Button for settings :

See Users Manual - Settings for more Details.


You can use your own settings. If you don’t have server or MySQL Server, you can use our Demo-Account. Press the Demo button. This will fill out the fields for you.

Replace YOURDATABASE to an other name as you like, i.e. mytstdb1/ or so.

Replace it in :

  • URL
  • Remote Directory

Important: Let the slash in the string as is.

Local Path: define, where TreeBase Generator should save all generated files. This is required parameter. Use the Browse Button to define the directory on your PC.


Set MySQL Database preferences.

Define some name of the table in the Table name field, which the TreeBase Generator will create on the MySQL server for you. Please don’t use numbers or capitals.

server is usually “localhost”.

MySQL Login Name and Password is set for the demo account, so you can test the database immediatelly. Don’t change it, if you want test your db on our server.


When you publish your database to the server, there are no data in the database. Data - say Records can add a administrator of the Database. To be able to do this the administrator need enter password, for adding or modifying records.

As Administrator go online (after you published the database successfully) and go to url ~demo/YOURDATABASE/ admin. or press simply the button in Upload Report window, which appears when upload process was successful.This will start your browser and link it to the site (you need to be connected to internet of course)



Save all parameters to your local disk..

Use the save button :


Generate all files:

Generate files every times, you made some changes in the database or settings!

Use the Generate Button


Publish the database

Now, you are close to use the database : With the Publishing button the TreeBase Generator will upload all necessary files to the directory on the server and will create database on the MySQL Server for you. After publishing go to admin directory with your browser and after entering the administrators password you can add data online.


Add Data to the Database

You have now a “EMPTY” database on the server, but there are no records now. So when somebody visit the database site, no data will be found. Depending on Mode, there are several methods, how to manage data in the database:

  • Visitor can add his own record
  • Administrator can add records.

Of course you can be the administrator. You can add record to the database online so that you add to the database URL /admin, for example, if the url of the database is so add /admin to the end ( You must be online of course. You need enter the administrator’s password to be able manage the online database.(see 9.). Then you can add, modify or delete records in the database. The database will be actualized immediately so the visitors of the sites can see updated database every time..