DB Types

We have listed a couple of Database types you can create with the TreeBase below Generator. Itís only for your inspiration. Please be creative and feel free to create new types of Databases.

Classic Database
Use TreeBase Generator for creating well known Database like products, persons, music or other collection or what ever.

Make Database with members containing Name, address, phone number etc., also e-mail address with Mailto: property or link to members homepage. Let people join your club, let them enter personal data and upload own photo from local disk if they want.

Let scientists use Database commonly. Let them enter results of there researches to a database and let other search in the database. Astronomy, Egyptology or what ever, they need TreeBase generator to put there results to web without creating or developing sites, so that they can be concentrated on there science..

Example for Database of a i.e. Orchid club where members or guests can upload a picture of there jewel with all interesting information about it.

  • Bonsai Club
  • Photo-Artists Club
  • Archeological society
  • Dictionaries
  • History

Create a Database for people they are looking for a house or want to sell one. As search criteria for Price you can for example define

  • more then 100í000.--
  • less then 100í000.--
  • more then 150 square meters

Let he customers upload Pictures of the properties they want to sell. Integrate their WEB url for small money....

Adult Services
Let enter the visitors to password protected Database  for money.

Job Database
Create Platform for People looking for Job and also Companies which are looking for employers.

Hotel Reservation systems
Create Database where Hotel manager can enter information about rooms, prices or occupation situation online. At the same time people can search for free room and capacity and make reservations. Normally such reservetion system costs thoussends of dollars !

Secure Database
Using Secure Server with 128 bit encryption you can create a database with very sensible Data which are Pasword protected. For Goverments and similar institutions.

Personal Database
Create Password protected Database with all your personal data on a secure server. You have then access to your data where ever you are, worldwide. With searching and sorting fetures. Of course you can have all this think on your PDA ($200-$1000) but in case you will lose them, you have a problem. Export your personal phonebook or other peronal data to web. Acess your data from any place with Internet connection.

Romance and Date Database
Create Database for people which are looing for each other for free or for money. Let the people enter there data in the database and let other search this data. Integrate Image type of data.